Sustainability has been a megatrend not only since Greta Thunberg and the most recent natural desasters. At the same time it is a complex topic. Of course, looking at climate change, it is absolutely necessary to reduce first of all CO2 emissions. But sustainability is much more than that. The so called Triple Bottom Line (TBL) is completed by social as well as economic aspects. And even though Logistics and Supply Chain Management are often not the main focus of sustainability they play a major role. The upcoming Supply Chain act will affect companies Supply Chains I many ways. In this post I give an overview of existing initiatives and current legislative (including the upcoming Supply Chain act). Then, I will highlight relevant aspects of sustainability for logistics and Supply Chain Management. Finally, I have asked Dan Heuer from Fair Venture for his take on sustainability on logistics and supply chain management from the perspective of a start up
Sustainability is a megatrend. At the same time, it is a complex topic and more than CO2 emissions. The Triple Bottom Line covers also social and economic aspects. The Supply Chain act affects companies and its Supply Chains in many ways. In this post I give an overview of existing initiatives and current legislative as well as relevant aspects for Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

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